XM Competition 2024 – Requirements, Prizes and Disqualifications

What is the XM Competition About?

The XM Competition is a trading contest designed to provide both novice and experienced traders with the opportunity to test their skills and compete for substantial cash prizes.

These competitions are structured to cater to a wide range of participants by offering both real and demo account contests.

The primary goal of the XM Competition is to create a platform where traders can showcase their trading abilities, enhance their strategies, and potentially win significant rewards without incurring any entry fees.

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Key Points:

  • Win Withdrawable Cash Prizes: One of the main attractions of the XM Competition is the chance to win real, withdrawable cash prizes. Participants compete against each other, and those who perform the best are awarded cash rewards that can be withdrawn and used as they wish.
  • No Entry Fees: Unlike many other trading contests, XM Competitions do not require participants to pay any entry fees. This makes it accessible to a broader audience, encouraging more traders to join and compete.
  • Risk-Free Environment: The demo account competitions are especially appealing as they allow traders to compete with virtual money, offering a risk-free environment to test trading strategies and improve their skills without the fear of losing real money.
  • Test Trading Strategies: Both real and demo account competitions provide a valuable opportunity for traders to test and refine their trading strategies in a competitive environment. This experience can be instrumental in improving trading performance and gaining insights into market dynamics.

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Who is Hosting the Competition?

The XM Competition is hosted by XM, a well-established and reputable forex and CFD broker.

XM is a brand name of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd, which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

This regulatory oversight ensures that XM operates under strict standards of financial transparency and client protection.

Key Points:

  • Reputation and Legitimacy: XM has built a strong reputation in the trading industry for its commitment to providing a fair and transparent trading environment. The company’s regulatory status further enhances its credibility, making it a trusted organizer of trading competitions.
  • Comprehensive Trading Services: XM offers a wide range of trading services and products, including forex, commodities, indices, and stocks. This diverse offering allows participants in the XM Competitions to trade various instruments and develop versatile trading strategies.


When is the Competition Taking Place?

The XM Competitions are held regularly, with multiple contests running throughout the year.

Each competition has specific entry deadlines and a defined competition period.

Participants need to be aware of these dates to ensure they register on time and make the most of their participation.

Key Points:

  • Entry Deadlines: It’s crucial for participants to keep track of entry deadlines for each competition. Missing the registration deadline means losing the opportunity to compete in that particular contest.
  • Competition Period: Each competition has a specified start and end date. These periods can vary, so participants should be prepared to engage actively during the competition timeline to maximize their chances of winning.

Benefits of Participating in XM Competitions

Participating in XM Competitions offers numerous benefits beyond the potential financial rewards.

Here are some key advantages:

Key Points:

  • Win Withdrawable Cash Prizes: Participants have the chance to win real cash prizes that can be withdrawn, providing a tangible reward for their trading efforts.
  • No Entry Fees Required: The absence of entry fees lowers the barrier to entry, allowing more traders to participate without the financial burden of upfront costs.
  • Test Your Skills and Trading Strategies: Competitions provide a platform for traders to test their skills and strategies in a live trading environment. This experience is invaluable for learning and improving trading performance.
  • Compete No Matter How Experienced You Are: The competitions are open to traders of all experience levels. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, you can compete and learn.
  • See How You Rank Among Other Traders: Competing in XM Competitions allows traders to benchmark their performance against others, providing insights into their trading prowess.
  • Get Insights and New Trading Ideas: Engaging in a competitive trading environment can spark new ideas and strategies, helping traders to innovate and improve their trading approaches.

By participating in XM Competitions, traders not only stand to gain financially but also improve their trading skills and strategies, making it a worthwhile endeavor for anyone interested in the world of forex and CFD trading.

XM Competition

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Types of XM Competitions

XM offers a variety of competitions to engage both new and existing clients, providing them with opportunities to showcase their trading skills and win exciting prizes.

The competitions are designed to cater to different trading preferences, with options available for both demo and real accounts.

Demo Contests

XM’s demo contests are a fantastic way for traders to test their skills in a risk-free environment, using virtual money to simulate real trading conditions.

These contests are especially beneficial for beginners who want to practice without financial risk and experienced traders who wish to try out new strategies.

Also known as The Demo Seven-Day Showdown.

Explanation of Demo Contests and Their Features:

  • Risk-Free Trading: In XM demo contests, participants use virtual money, meaning there is no actual financial risk involved. This provides a safe space for learning and experimenting.
  • Realistic Market Conditions: Although trading with virtual funds, the market conditions mirror real trading environments, allowing participants to experience genuine trading scenarios.
  • Defined Timeframe: Contests are held over specific periods, such as the Demo Seven-Day Showdown, which runs for seven days. This helps traders focus on short-term performance and strategies.

Requirements to Participate:

  • Eligibility: To join the XM Demo Competition, participants need to have their KYC (Know Your Customer) status verified. This ensures that all traders are genuine and meet XM’s compliance standards.
  • Single Account Use: Each participant can only use one demo account per competition. Once a contest has begun, traders cannot join again or use multiple accounts.
  • New Demo Account: A new demo MT5 account is created upon joining the competition, pre-loaded with $1,000 virtual funds. This account cannot be topped up, reset, or withdrawn from, ensuring a level playing field.

General Rules:

  1. Single Participation: Traders can participate in a demo competition only once per session.
  2. Performance-Based Ranking: Rankings are based on the performance of the account, calculated using a specific formula.
  3. Trading Platform: The MT5 platform is used, and participants need to download the application on their PC or mobile device.
  4. Prize Notification: Winners are notified within two working days, and prizes are deposited into their XM trading accounts.
  5. Public Trading History: By participating, traders agree to have their trading activity and history published.
  6. Company Rights: XM reserves the right to disqualify any participant suspected of deceitful behavior and can amend rules as needed.

Prizes for Winners:

The Demo Seven-Day Showdown offers substantial cash prizes for the top 50 participants. Here’s a breakdown of the prize distribution:

The Demo Seven-Day Showdown offers substantial cash prizes for the top 50 participants.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize distribution:

  • 1st Place: $1,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,000
  • 3rd Place: $750
  • 4th Place: $500
  • 5th-12th Place: $300 each
  • 13th-20th Place: $200 each
  • 21st-35th Place: $100 each
  • 36th-50th Place: $50 each

These cash prizes are added to the winners’ XM trading accounts and are fully withdrawable, providing a real incentive for participants to perform well.

Joining and Learning About Competitions:

To join a demo competition, simply click on the competition card and select the “JOIN DEMO” button.

This automatically creates a new demo MT5 account with $1,000 virtual funds.

The account remains in a “read-only” state until the competition starts.

For more details about each competition, including terms, start and end dates, and prizes, you can visit the competition area on XM’s platform.

This area also displays ongoing and upcoming competitions, providing comprehensive information and real-time updates on rankings and statistics.

Performance Measurement:

Performance in demo contests is calculated using the formula

Performance Formula

Performance = (Equity (current) - Equity (initial) + W - D) / (Equity (initial) + D)


  • Equity (current): Your equity at each evaluation point, typically every 10 minutes.
  • Equity (initial): Your equity when you entered the competition.
  • D: Deposits after joining the competition.
  • W: Withdrawals after joining the competition.

Use of Expert Advisors:

Participants are allowed to use Expert Advisors (EAs) during the competition, as long as they do not breach any rules or gain an unfair advantage.

This flexibility enables traders to leverage automated trading strategies.

Ranking and Results:

Rankings are updated regularly based on performance.

If two participants achieve the same performance, they split the prize for that position.

The results of ended competitions are accessible by clicking the “Ended” button in the competition area.

XM demo contests offer a perfect blend of excitement and learning, providing a stepping stone for traders to hone their skills without the risk of losing real money.


Real Account Contests

Real account contests offered by XM provide an exciting opportunity for traders to compete using their actual funds and trading strategies.

These contests are designed to simulate real market conditions closely, offering participants a chance to test their skills and potentially win substantial cash prizes.

Explanation of Real Account Contests and Their Features:

  • Real Trading Experience: Unlike demo contests, real account contests involve actual funds, providing participants with a realistic trading environment. This allows traders to experience the emotions and challenges associated with trading real money.
  • Competitive Environment: Participants compete against each other based on the performance of their trading accounts. This encourages traders to strive for better performance and adjust their strategies to maximize profitability.
  • Defined Participation Criteria: To maintain fairness, specific criteria must be met to participate, including having a verified KYC status, using a standard XM MT4 or MT5 account, and maintaining an equity of over $50 at the time of joining the competition.

Requirements to Participate:

  • Eligibility: Traders must have a verified KYC status and use a standard real MT4 or MT5 account.
  • Minimum Equity: Participants need to have an equity of over $50 in their account when joining the competition.
  • Single Account Use: Each trader can participate with only one account at any given time.

General Rules:

  1. Performance-Based Ranking: Rankings are determined solely by the performance of the trading account during the competition period. Deposits and withdrawals made during this time do not count towards performance evaluation.
  2. Cash Prizes: Winners receive cash prizes that are directly deposited into their trading accounts shortly after the end of the competition.
  3. Withdrawal Rules: Withdrawing funds during the competition can lead to disqualification if the remaining equity falls below the competition’s equity threshold.
  4. Public Trading Activity: By participating, traders agree to have their trading activity and history published.
  5. Company Discretion: XM reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any participant believed to be acting deceitfully or gaining an unfair advantage. The company also retains the right to amend competition rules, including duration, as necessary.

Prizes for Winners:

The Real Account Seven-Day Showdown offers generous cash prizes to the top performers, motivating traders to strive for excellence in their trading strategies.

Here is the breakdown of prizes:

  • 1st Place: $5,000
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • 3rd Place: $2,000
  • 4th Place: $1,500
  • 5th-6th Place: $1,000
  • 7th-9th Place: $800
  • 10th-11th Place: $600
  • 12th-13th Place: $400 
  • 14th-16th Place: $300
  • 17th-19th Place: $200
  • 20th-25th Place: $100

These prizes are awarded based on the ranking of each participant’s trading performance at the end of the competition period.

Use of Expert Advisors:

Participants are allowed to use Expert Advisors (EAs) during the competition, provided they adhere to the general rules and do not breach any competition guidelines.

Finding More Information:

For detailed terms and conditions of the Real Account contests, including rules, competition duration, and additional guidelines, traders can refer to XM’s official competition page or the full Terms and Conditions document provided by the company.

Participating in XM’s real account contests not only offers the chance to win attractive cash prizes but also provides valuable real-world trading experience under competitive conditions.

This combination makes these contests a valuable opportunity for traders looking to enhance their skills and achieve success in the financial markets.


XM Competition Prizes

Prize Pool Structure of XM Competition

The XM competitions feature structured prize pools designed to incentivize traders across Demo and Real account categories.

Here’s a detailed look at how each prize pool is structured:

XM Demo Competition Prize Pool Structure

The Demo competitions on XM offer traders the opportunity to compete in risk-free environments with substantial cash rewards.

The prize pool structure for Demo competitions is as follows:

  • 1st Place: $1,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,000
  • 3rd Place: $750
  • 4th Place: $500
  • 5th-12th Place: $300 each
  • 13th-20th Place: $200 each
  • 21st-35th Place: $100 each
  • 36th-50th Place: $50 each

Participants in Demo competitions compete using specially created MT5 accounts, starting with a non-withdrawable $1000 balance.

The top performers, determined by their trading performance, receive cash prizes credited directly to their XM trading accounts shortly after the competition concludes.


XM Real Competition Prize Pool Structure

For traders using real funds, XM offers competitive prize pools that reward performance and skill.

The prize pool structure for Real competitions is structured to encourage participation and trading excellence:

  • 1st Place: $5,000
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • 3rd Place: $2,000
  • 4th Place: $1,500
  • 5th-6th Place: $1,000
  • 7th-9th Place: $800
  • 10th-11th Place: $600
  • 12th-13th Place: $400 
  • 14th-16th Place: $300
  • 17th-19th Place: $200
  • 20th-25th Place: $100

Traders competing in Real account competitions must meet specific equity requirements and adhere to trading rules set by XM.

Prizes are awarded based on the highest performance metrics calculated throughout the competition period, ensuring fair competition and rewarding the most skilled traders.


The structured prize pools in XM competitions provide a clear incentive for traders to excel in both Demo and Real account categories.

Whether honing skills in a risk-free environment or competing with real funds, participants have the opportunity to earn substantial cash rewards based on their trading prowess.

By offering transparent prize structures and clear competition rules, XM ensures a competitive and rewarding trading experience for its participants.

Ranking and Payouts

In XM competitions, ranking and payouts are crucial aspects that determine how participants are rewarded based on their trading performance.

Here’s a detailed overview of how ranking works and how payouts are determined:

Ranking in XM Competitions

Ranking in XM competitions is primarily based on the trading performance of participants relative to each other.

Here are the key factors that influence ranking:

  1. Performance Metrics: Participants’ trading performance is evaluated using metrics such as equity changes, profit and loss (P&L), and other performance indicators specific to the competition rules.
  2. Calculation Intervals: Rankings are updated periodically, typically every 10 minutes during the competition period. This allows participants to track their progress and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.
  3. Equity Requirements: For Real account competitions, participants must meet minimum equity thresholds to qualify for ranking and potential payouts. These thresholds ensure that only active and adequately funded accounts are eligible.
  4. Fairness and Transparency: XM ensures transparency in ranking calculations by using objective criteria that consider trading activity and outcomes without bias.


Payouts in XM Competitions

Payouts in XM competitions are structured to reward top-performing traders according to their final rankings.

Here’s how payouts are determined:

  1. Prize Pool Distribution: The total prize pool allocated for each competition is distributed among top-ranking participants based on predefined payout structures. Higher-ranking positions typically receive larger monetary rewards.
  2. Cash Prizes: Payouts consist of cash prizes credited directly into the winners’ XM trading accounts. This ensures that winners can use their rewards for further trading activities or withdraw them according to XM’s withdrawal policies.
  3. Timely Payouts: Once a competition concludes, XM promptly reviews the final rankings and initiates payouts to eligible winners. This process ensures that participants receive their rewards within a reasonable timeframe after the competition ends.
  4. Disqualification Considerations: XM reserves the right to disqualify participants who violate competition rules or engage in fraudulent activities. This ensures fair play and maintains the integrity of the competition.

Understanding how ranking and payouts work in XM competitions is essential for participants aiming to maximize their chances of winning.

By focusing on trading performance, adhering to competition rules, and monitoring rankings closely, traders can compete effectively and potentially earn significant cash rewards through XM’s structured and transparent competition frameworks.

Prize Withdrawal Process

Withdrawing prizes from XM competitions is a straightforward process designed to ensure that winners can access their rewards conveniently.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the prize withdrawal process:

1. Prize Crediting

Once a competition concludes, and winners are determined based on their rankings, XM promptly credits the cash prizes to the respective winners’ XM trading accounts.

These prizes are directly deposited into the accounts, making them instantly accessible to the winners.

2. Account Verification

Before initiating a withdrawal, participants must ensure that their XM trading accounts are fully verified.

This verification process, known as Know Your Customer (KYC), involves providing necessary identification documents to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure the security of transactions.

3. Withdrawal Request

After the prizes are credited to the winners’ accounts and the verification process is complete, participants can submit withdrawal requests through the XM platform.

The withdrawal request interface allows winners to specify the amount they wish to withdraw from their trading accounts.

4. Withdrawal Processing

Upon receiving a withdrawal request, XM’s finance department processes the request promptly.

The processing time may vary depending on factors such as the withdrawal method chosen by the participant and any additional verification requirements.

5. Funds Transfer

Once the withdrawal request is processed successfully, the withdrawn funds are transferred to the designated payment method specified by the winner.

XM supports various withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, electronic payment systems, and other convenient options.

6. Notification

Upon completion of the withdrawal process, XM notifies the participant via email or through the platform interface.

This notification serves as confirmation that the withdrawn funds have been successfully transferred to the participant’s designated payment account.

7. Customer Support

Throughout the withdrawal process, participants can reach out to XM’s customer support team for assistance or clarification regarding any aspect of the process.

XM’s dedicated support staff ensures that participants receive prompt and helpful assistance with their inquiries.


The prize withdrawal process in XM competitions is designed to be user-friendly, secure, and efficient.

By following the outlined steps and fulfilling necessary verification requirements, winners can seamlessly withdraw their prizes and enjoy the rewards of their trading success.

With XM’s commitment to providing reliable support and streamlined processes, participants can trust that their prize withdrawals will be handled with professionalism and integrity.

Selection Criteria for Winners for XM Competitions

1. Performance Ranking

The primary criterion for selecting winners in XM competitions is the performance ranking.

Participants’ rankings are calculated based on their trading performance relative to other competitors.

This calculation considers factors such as:

  • Equity Growth: The increase in equity during the competition period reflects successful trading strategies.
  • Profitability: Profits generated from trades contribute positively to a participant’s ranking.
  • Risk Management: Effective risk management practices, such as maintaining a favorable risk-to-reward ratio, can enhance a participant’s performance.

2. Equity and Balance Considerations

Participants’ equity and balance levels are crucial in determining their eligibility and ranking.

Competitions may have specific entry requirements related to minimum equity levels or account balances, ensuring that participants meet basic criteria for active trading engagement.

3. Compliance with Competition Rules

Participants must adhere to all competition rules and guidelines throughout the competition period.

This includes using permissible trading strategies and complying with any restrictions on trading activities.

Non-compliance with rules can lead to disqualification or exclusion from prize eligibility.

4. Fair Play and Integrity

XM upholds principles of fair play and integrity in all competitions.

Any attempts to manipulate results or engage in fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification.

Participants are expected to maintain ethical standards and engage in transparent trading practices.

5. Consistency and Activity

Consistency in trading activity throughout the competition period is essential.

Participants who demonstrate sustained engagement and effective trading strategies have higher chances of achieving favorable rankings.

Inactive accounts or those with minimal trading activity may be excluded from prize consideration.

How to Participate in XM Competitions

To participate in XM Competitions, potential contestants must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by XM Global Limited.

These criteria ensure fairness and compliance with regulatory standards. Here’s a detailed look at the eligibility requirements:

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Minimum Age: Participants must be of legal age according to the laws of their country of residence. Generally, this means individuals must be at least 18 years old. Minors are explicitly prohibited from participating in XM Competitions.
  2. Validated Account: To enter any XM Competition, contestants must have at least one validated XM Standard or Ultra Low Standard real trading account. This account should have a minimum equity amount as specified on the Company’s Copy Trading Platform for each respective competition.
  3. Unique Nickname: Each participant must use a unique nickname or identifier when registering for XM Competitions. This helps maintain transparency and distinguishes participants during the competition period.

These eligibility requirements ensure that only qualified individuals who meet the specified criteria can participate in XM Competitions.

It’s essential for participants to adhere to these guidelines to avoid disqualification and to comply with XM’s terms and conditions.

By following these straightforward eligibility requirements, contestants can confidently engage in XM Competitions, compete for rewards based on their trading performance, and enjoy a fair and transparent competition environment provided by XM Global Limited.


How Much Does It Cost to Enter XM Competition?

Entry Fees Overview

XM Competitions are designed to be accessible to a wide range of traders, with most events not requiring an entry fee.

This policy applies to various competitions, including the Top Performer, Daily Challenge, Monthly Marathon, and the XM Demo Competition.

By offering free entry, XM encourages participation without the barrier of upfront costs, making it easier for traders to engage and compete based on their trading skills rather than financial capacity.

Minimum Account Balance Requirement

While entry fees are generally waived, there is an important requirement for participating in some of the competitions.

Specifically, to enter the Real and Demo Seven-Day Showdown competitions, traders must maintain a minimum balance of $50 across all their real accounts.

This requirement ensures that participants have a stake in their trading activity, aligning their interests with responsible and active trading.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

XM’s approach to competition entry fees highlights its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

By minimizing financial barriers, XM allows traders of all levels—from beginners to experienced professionals—to compete on an equal footing.

The minimum balance requirement for certain competitions is modest and manageable, ensuring that participation remains within reach for most traders.

Regular Updates and Announcements

It’s important for traders to stay informed about any updates or changes to competition requirements.

XM regularly communicates these details through their official website and Copy Trading Platform.

Keeping an eye on these channels ensures that traders are aware of any new competitions, changes in entry policies, or special events that might have different requirements.


What are the Rules and Regulations XM Competitions?

General Competition Guidelines

XM Competitions are governed by a comprehensive set of rules aimed at maintaining a level playing field for all participants.

These guidelines cover various aspects of the competition, from account requirements to trading behavior.

Understanding and following these rules is crucial for a successful and valid participation.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants must be XM account holders to enter any competition.

Each trader needs to ensure their account is fully verified, which includes providing necessary identification documents and meeting the platform’s regulatory standards.

This verification process helps maintain the integrity of the competitions by ensuring all participants are legitimate.

Trading Activity

Competitors are expected to engage in genuine trading activity.

This means all trades must be executed with the intention of actual market participation rather than for the sole purpose of gaining an edge in the competition.

Practices such as trade manipulation or any form of deceitful trading can lead to disqualification.

Account Requirements

For some competitions, particularly the Real and Demo Seven-Day Showdown, a minimum balance of $50 across all real accounts is required.

This ensures that participants have a genuine stake in their trading activities, promoting responsible trading behaviour.

Multiple Accounts and IP Addresses

XM strictly prohibits the use of multiple accounts by a single participant or the use of shared IP addresses to enter the same competition.

Each trader must use a unique account and IP address to ensure fairness.

Violation of this rule can result in immediate disqualification and potential account suspension.

Disqualification Criteria

Several actions can lead to disqualification from XM Competitions:

  1. Fraudulent Activity: Any attempt to manipulate the competition results through fraudulent means will result in disqualification. This includes using fake accounts, coordinated trading with other participants to influence outcomes, or any other deceptive practices.
  2. Violation of Trading Policies: Participants must adhere to XM’s trading policies. Violations such as unauthorized trading methods, misuse of bonuses, or any form of policy breach will lead to disqualification.
  3. Improper Conduct: XM expects all participants to conduct themselves with professionalism and respect. Any behavior deemed inappropriate or disruptive can result in removal from the competition.

Monitoring and Enforcement

XM employs sophisticated monitoring tools and practices to ensure compliance with the competition rules.

This includes tracking trading patterns, account activity, and other indicators of rule adherence.

Participants found in violation of the guidelines will be promptly disqualified and may face further sanctions.

Appeal Process

In case of disqualification, participants have the right to appeal the decision.

XM provides a transparent process where disqualified participants can present their case for review.

The appeals are carefully considered, and decisions are communicated clearly to ensure fairness.

Staying Informed

To avoid unintentional rule breaches, participants should regularly review the competition rules and regulations.

XM updates these guidelines periodically to reflect new market conditions, regulatory requirements, or competition-specific changes.

Staying informed helps participants comply with the rules and enjoy a seamless competition experience.


Registering for the XM Competition

Step 1: Visit the XM Website

To start the registration process, visit the official XM website by clicking here. In the middle, you’ll see a button labelled “Open an account.” Click this button to begin.

Step 2: Open a Real Account

To participate in the XM Competition, you must have a real account.

If you don’t already have one, you will need to create one.

Fill in the required information, including your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country of residence
  • Preferred language
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Trading platform type
  • Account type

Step 3: Complete the Account Registration

After entering your basic details, proceed to the next stage where you will need to provide additional information.

This includes your date of birth and address details (city, street number, residential address, zip code).

You will also need to select your account type and provide information about your investment history and trading knowledge.

Finally, set up a password and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Verify Your Email

Once you’ve completed the registration form, click the green button labeled “Open a real account.”

You will receive a verification email. Follow the instructions in the email to verify your account.

This step is crucial to activate your account.

Step 5: Log In and Validate Your Account

After verifying your email, log in to your XM account using your email address and password.

Locate the “Validate Your Account” button and click on it.

This will take you to the page where you can upload the necessary documents for account verification.

Step 6: Upload Required Documents

To complete the validation process, you must upload a copy of your ID and proof of address preferably by using the app [Click Here].

Make sure these documents are clear and legible to avoid any delays.

This step ensures your account is fully verified and eligible for the competition.

Step 7: Register for the Competition

With your account verified, you can now register for the XM Competition.

Navigate to the competition section on the XM website. You might find it under promotions or competitions.

Click on the relevant competition link and follow the instructions to sign up.

You may be required to confirm your participation and agree to the competition’s terms and conditions.

Step 8: Deposit the Minimum Amount

To enter the competition, ensure that your real account has a minimum balance of $50.

This deposit is necessary to participate in both the real and demo seven-day showdown competitions.

Step 9: Confirm Your Registration

Once you’ve met the minimum deposit requirement, confirm your registration for the competition.

You should receive a confirmation email or notification from XM, indicating that you are successfully registered for the competition.

Congratulations You have opened an account with XM.

How to Open XM Demo & Real Account FAST.


Contest Credit Units and Virtual Money in the XM Competition

In the XM Competition, understanding the concepts of contest credit units and virtual money is crucial for maximizing your trading potential and competing effectively.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how these elements work and their significance in the competition.

What Are Contest Credit Units?

Contest credit units are a form of virtual currency specifically used within the XM Competition.

These units are allocated to participants at the beginning of the competition and serve as a trading balance for executing trades during the contest period.

Key Points about Contest Credit Units:

  • Initial Allocation: Upon registration and the start of the competition, each participant receives a predefined amount of contest credit units. This allocation ensures a level playing field, as every trader starts with the same virtual balance.
  • Purpose: Contest credit units are used to simulate real trading conditions without risking actual money. They allow participants to execute trades, test strategies, and demonstrate their trading skills in a competitive environment.
  • Usage: Participants use these units to place trades on various financial instruments available within the competition. The performance of these trades determines their ranking and potential to win prizes.
  • No Withdrawal: Unlike real money, contest credit units cannot be withdrawn or transferred. They are solely for the purpose of the competition and have no cash value outside of it.


Virtual Money in XM Competition

Virtual money in the XM Competition refers to the simulation of real trading funds using contest credit units.

This approach allows traders to experience the dynamics of the financial markets and execute trades as they would with real money.

Key Points about Virtual Money:

  • Realistic Trading Environment: The use of virtual money creates a realistic trading environment where participants can apply their knowledge, test strategies, and react to market movements as they would in a real trading scenario.
  • Risk-Free: Since virtual money is used, participants can engage in the competition without the risk of losing their own funds. This encourages more aggressive and experimental trading strategies, fostering learning and improvement.
  • Performance Evaluation: The trades executed with virtual money are tracked and evaluated based on their performance. Participants’ success in increasing their virtual balance determines their standing in the competition and their eligibility for prizes.
  • Competition Integrity: Using virtual money ensures that all participants compete under identical conditions, thereby maintaining the integrity and fairness of the competition. It eliminates the advantage of having more actual capital, focusing instead on trading skills and strategy.

Understanding contest credit units and virtual money is fundamental for participating in the XM Competition effectively.

By grasping how these elements function, participants can better navigate the competition, employ strategic trading decisions, and enhance their chances of winning.

This knowledge not only prepares traders for the contest but also contributes to their overall trading expertise.


Tips and Strategies for Success in XM Competition

Participating in XM competitions requires a strategic approach to maximize your chances of success.

Here are some effective tips and strategies to enhance your performance and increase your odds of winning:

1. Understand the Competition Rules

Before entering any XM competition, thoroughly read and understand the rules and terms.

Each competition may have specific criteria for participation, trading conditions, and eligibility requirements.

By understanding these rules, you can avoid unnecessary disqualifications and optimize your strategy accordingly.

2. Choose the Right Competition

XM offers various competitions tailored to different trading styles and account types.

Select a competition that aligns with your trading strategy and experience level.

For instance, if you excel in short-term trading, opt for competitions with shorter durations or frequent evaluation intervals.

3. Optimize Your Trading Strategy

Develop a clear and disciplined trading strategy tailored to the competition’s rules and objectives.

Consider factors such as risk management, leverage utilization, and trading volume.

A well-defined strategy helps in maximizing returns while minimizing risks during the competition period.

4. Leverage Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Utilize both technical analysis (chart patterns, indicators) and fundamental analysis (economic news, market sentiment) to make informed trading decisions.

Understanding market trends and key support/resistance levels can enhance the accuracy of your trades and improve overall performance.

5. Manage Risk Effectively

Risk management is crucial in competitive trading environments.

Implement stop-loss orders to limit potential losses and adhere to proper position sizing based on your account equity and risk tolerance.

Avoid over-leveraging positions, as it can lead to significant drawdowns and affect your ranking.

6. Monitor Competition Metrics

Stay actively engaged with the competition metrics, including your current ranking, performance metrics, and competitors’ activities.

Most competitions provide real-time updates on rankings and performance, allowing you to adjust your strategy as needed to maintain or improve your position.

7. Utilize Demo Competitions for Practice

If available, participate in XM’s demo competitions to hone your skills and test different strategies risk-free.

Demo competitions provide valuable experience and insights into the dynamics of live trading competitions, helping you refine your approach before entering real-money contests.

8. Stay Disciplined and Patient

Trading competitions can be intense, requiring discipline and patience to adhere to your strategy despite market fluctuations.

Avoid impulsive trading decisions driven by emotions and maintain a consistent approach throughout the competition period.

9. Review and Learn from Past Performances

After each competition, review your performance, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Analyze successful trades and setbacks to refine your strategy for future competitions.

Continuous learning and adaptation are key to achieving consistent success in competitive trading environments.

10. Stay Informed and Adapt

Stay updated on market developments, economic events, and trading trends that could impact your competition performance.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt your strategy based on changing market conditions can give you a competitive edge over other participants.


Disqualification Criteria in XM Competitions

Participation in the XM Competitions Program is governed by strict criteria to ensure fair play and adherence to the program’s rules.

Disqualification may occur if participants engage in prohibited activities or provide incorrect information, which undermines the integrity of the competitions.

1. Prohibited Activities:

Participants can be disqualified if they engage in any of the following prohibited activities:

  • Manipulative Trading: Any attempt to manipulate prices or distort market conditions through artificial means.
  • Abusive Trading Practices: Activities aimed at exploiting loopholes or unfairly gaining an advantage over other participants.
  • Violation of Terms: Failure to comply with XM’s Business Terms and Policies, including but not limited to, using automated trading systems not permitted by the competition rules.
  • Intermediary/Related Party Participation: Involvement of individuals or entities related to participants, such as family members or entities under common control, unless explicitly allowed by the competition rules.

2. Incorrect Information:

Providing inaccurate or fraudulent details during registration or competition entry is grounds for disqualification.

This includes falsifying trading records, misrepresenting personal information, or using multiple registrations from the same IP address or dynamic IP addresses.

3. IP Address Usage:

Participants are permitted only one registration per unique IP address.

Multiple registrations from the same IP address or the use of dynamic IP addresses to bypass registration restrictions may result in immediate disqualification from the program.

4. Compliance and Consequences:

XM reserves the right to decline participation or disqualify any participant found in violation of these disqualification criteria.

This decision is made at XM’s reasonable discretion and aims to uphold the integrity of the competitions and protect the interests of all participants.

5. Consequences of Disqualification:

Participants disqualified from the XM Competitions Program forfeit their right to claim any prizes or rewards associated with their participation.

Additionally, XM may take further action, including legal recourse, against individuals involved in fraudulent activities or serious breaches of competition rules.

Performance Formula

Performance = (Equity (current) - Equity (initial) + W - D) / (Equity (initial) + D)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about XM Competitions

Can I Participate in Multiple XM Competitions?

Yes, you can participate in multiple XM competitions simultaneously.

XM allows traders to enter multiple competitions with different accounts, provided each account meets the specific requirements of the competition.

This flexibility enables traders to explore various strategies and maximize their chances of winning across different competition formats, whether demo or real account challenges.

Participating in multiple competitions allows traders to diversify their trading experience, test different approaches, and compete for multiple prize pools simultaneously.

However, it’s important to manage each account effectively and comply with competition rules to maintain eligibility and optimize performance across all competitions.

By leveraging the opportunity to participate in multiple XM competitions, traders can enhance their skills, gain valuable experience, and potentially earn significant rewards in a competitive trading environment.

What Happens to Open Positions at the Contest End?

At the end of an XM competition, all open positions in participants’ accounts are closed automatically. This process ensures that the final equity and performance calculations accurately reflect each trader’s standings in the competition. Whether the positions are profitable or not, they are closed to finalize the competition results based on the last known equity values.

This approach is standard practice to maintain fairness and transparency in XM competitions, as it prevents any ongoing trades from affecting the final rankings and prize distributions. Traders are advised to plan their trading strategies accordingly, considering the automatic closure of open positions at the contest’s conclusion.

For participants, understanding this aspect of the competition rules helps in strategizing effectively and anticipating the closure of open trades as part of the competition’s end procedures.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My Prize Money?

Upon conclusion of an XM competition, prize money is typically processed and deposited into the winners’ XM trading accounts within 2 working days. This timeline allows for necessary administrative processes and verification checks to ensure accurate distribution of prizes.

Winners are notified promptly by XM representatives once the competition results are finalized and verified. The prize money is transferred directly to the respective trading accounts, where it can be used for trading activities or withdrawn according to the participant’s preferences and XM’s withdrawal policies.

Participants should ensure that their XM accounts are in good standing and that all required verification procedures, such as KYC (Know Your Customer), are completed to facilitate smooth processing of prize money disbursements.

How Do I Enter a XM competition?

To enter an XM competition, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Select Your Account: Start by choosing the trading account you wish to use for the competition. This can be done through the account selection slider available on the XM platform.
  2. Check Competition Requirements: Ensure that your selected trading account meets all the specified requirements for the competition you intend to join. Requirements may include account type, minimum equity, or other criteria specified for that particular competition.
  3. Join the Competition: Once you’ve selected the appropriate account and verified that it meets all requirements, proceed by clicking on the “Join Competition” button. This action will automatically enroll you in the competition using the credentials of your chosen account.
  4. Confirmation and Account Setup: A demo or real trading account will be set up for you automatically if it’s a demo or real competition, respectively. For demo competitions, an initial balance will be credited to your account for use during the competition period.
  5. Begin Trading: After joining, your account will remain in a “read-only” state until the competition officially starts. Once it commences, you can begin trading according to the competition rules and guidelines.
  6. Monitor Performance: Throughout the competition, monitor your trading performance and rankings on the XM platform. Rankings are typically updated periodically based on your trading results relative to other participants.
  7. End of Competition: When the competition concludes, final rankings and results will be announced. Winners will be notified, and prizes will be credited to their XM trading accounts as per the competition’s prize distribution rules.

How Do I Learn More About Each XM Competition?

To get comprehensive information about XM competitions, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Competition Area: Navigate to the competition section on the XM platform. Here, you can find listings for both ongoing and upcoming competitions. Click Here.
  2. Competition Details: Click on each competition card to access detailed information. This includes terms and conditions, start and end dates of the competition, and specifics about the prizes offered.
  3. Terms and Conditions: Review the competition’s terms and conditions thoroughly before joining. These outline the rules governing participation, eligibility criteria, and any other important guidelines.
  4. Prize Information: Each competition card provides insights into the prizes available. You can see the breakdown of prizes for different ranking positions, helping you understand what you could potentially win.
  5. Competition Status: If a competition is already in progress, clicking on its card will reveal real-time statistics and rankings of participants. This allows you to track the competition’s progress and assess your standing.
  6. Joining Competitions: If you decide to participate, ensure your trading account meets the competition’s requirements. Follow the steps outlined earlier to join and start competing.

By exploring the competition section on XM, you gain access to all essential details needed to make informed decisions about participation. Stay updated on upcoming competitions and seize the opportunity to showcase your trading skills for a chance to win attractive prizes.

Can I Enter Many XM Competitions at the Same Time?

Yes, you can participate in multiple XM competitions simultaneously, but there are specific rules to keep in mind:

  1. One Account, One Competition: Each trading account can only enter one competition at a time. This means if you have multiple XM accounts, each one can participate in a different competition concurrently.
  2. Account Eligibility: Ensure that the trading account meets the requirements of the competition you wish to enter. Different competitions may have varying criteria such as account type, equity threshold, or other specific conditions.
  3. Managing Multiple Competitions: While you can manage multiple competitions with different accounts, it’s essential to focus on meeting the objectives and rules of each competition individually. This includes adhering to trading strategies and performance metrics tailored to each contest.
  4. Maximizing Opportunities: Participating in several competitions allows you to maximize your chances of winning prizes across different formats and prize pools. It also provides a broader platform to showcase your trading skills and compete with a diverse group of participants.

By understanding these guidelines, you can effectively navigate and capitalize on the opportunities presented by multiple XM competitions simultaneously.

How is Performance Measured in XM Competitions?

In XM competitions, performance is measured using a specific formula that takes into account various aspects of trading activity. Here’s how it works:

  1. Performance Formula: The performance of participants is calculated using the following formula:

    Performance = (Equity (current) – Equity (initial) + W – D) / (Equity (initial) + D)

    • Equity (current): This refers to the current equity of the participant’s account at evaluation points, typically assessed every few minutes during the competition.
    • Equity (initial): The equity of the account at the start of the competition.
    • W: Represents any withdrawals made during the competition period.
    • D: Represents any deposits made during the competition period.
  2. Key Points:

    • Net Equity Change: The formula calculates the net change in equity, accounting for both profit (Equity (current) – Equity (initial)) and adjustments for withdrawals and deposits.
    • Ranking Criteria: Participants are ranked based on their performance relative to others. Higher performance scores indicate better trading results within the competition timeframe.
    • Fair Competition: Using this formula ensures fairness by focusing on net trading performance, irrespective of the size or timing of deposits or withdrawals made during the competition.
  3. Implications for Participants:

    • Strategic Trading: Participants can strategically manage their positions and trading activity to optimize their performance score.
    • Real-time Evaluation: Regular updates on performance allow participants to monitor their standing and adjust trading strategies if necessary.
    • Transparent Evaluation: The formula provides a transparent basis for evaluating participants, ensuring that rankings are based on actual trading performance rather than other factors.

By understanding how performance is measured in XM competitions, participants can better strategize and compete effectively for prizes based on their trading acumen and performance metrics.

What Happens to My Performance if I Make a Deposit or Withdrawal during an XM Competitions?

When participating in XM Competitions, it’s crucial to understand how deposits and withdrawals can impact your performance and eligibility.

Impact on Performance:

Deposits or withdrawals during an XM Competition do not directly affect your trading performance. The performance is primarily measured based on your equity and trading activities within the competition period. This means the actual trading results and equity changes in your account are the key metrics evaluated to determine your standing in the competition.

Elimination Criteria:

While deposits and withdrawals themselves don’t impact your performance score, they can lead to disqualification under certain circumstances. Specifically, if your account balance drops below the specified minimum, usually $50, due to withdrawals, you may be eliminated from the competition. This rule ensures fair participation and prevents participants from withdrawing their entire balance to avoid losses.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Performance Calculation: Focuses on equity changes and trading activities during the competition.
  • Disqualification Risk: Withdrawing funds that drop your account balance below $50 can lead to elimination.
  • Fair Competition: Rules are designed to maintain fairness and integrity among participants.

Understanding these dynamics helps you navigate XM Competitions effectively, ensuring compliance with rules while striving for competitive success. For further details, refer to XM’s official terms and conditions regarding competition participation and eligibility criteria.

This concise explanation outlines how deposits and withdrawals can influence your participation in XM Competitions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to trading during the competition period.

Can I Use MT5 Account or Expert Advisor in XM Competitions?

In XM Competitions, participants often wonder about the compatibility of using MT5 accounts and expert advisors (EAs). Here’s a detailed explanation of what you need to know regarding MT4, MT5 accounts, and the use of EAs within the competition framework.

Understanding MT4 and MT5 Accounts

XM supports both MT4 (MetaTrader 4) and MT5 (MetaTrader 5) platforms, offering flexibility to traders based on their preferences and trading strategies. Each platform has its strengths:

  • MT4: Known for its robustness and popularity among traders worldwide. It features comprehensive charting tools, automated trading capabilities through EAs, and a wide range of technical indicators.
  • MT5: An upgraded version of MT4, MT5 offers additional features such as more timeframes, economic calendar integration, and an improved MQL programming language for creating EAs.

Use of Expert Advisors (EAs)

Expert Advisors are automated trading systems that execute trades based on pre-set criteria. In XM Competitions, the use of EAs can be advantageous for traders looking to automate their strategies efficiently. Here are key points to consider:

  • Permitted Usage: XM allows the use of EAs in both MT4 and MT5 accounts during competitions. This capability enables participants to execute trades automatically according to their programmed parameters.
  • Strategic Advantage: EAs can help streamline trading operations, ensuring timely execution of trades based on market conditions, which is crucial in competitive environments like XM Competitions.
  • Customization and Optimization: Participants can develop custom EAs tailored to specific trading strategies, optimizing their chances of achieving competitive performance.

Considerations for Competition Rules

While EAs are permitted, it’s essential to adhere to competition rules regarding trading conduct and fairness:

  • Equity and Performance: Your performance in competitions is based on your trading account’s equity and the trading activity performed under the specified account.
  • Transparency and Compliance: Ensure that any EA used complies with XM’s terms and conditions, including fair trading practices and prohibition against abusive trading strategies.

Participants in XM Competitions can leverage MT4 and MT5 platforms along with expert advisors to enhance their trading strategies and performance. The flexibility offered by these platforms, combined with automated trading capabilities, provides a competitive edge while adhering to competition guidelines.

By understanding how MT4, MT5 accounts, and EAs function within XM Competitions, traders can strategically optimize their participation and aim for successful outcomes based on their trading acumen and automated trading preferences.

Can I Enter a Competition with Existing Open Trades Using XM?

Entering XM Competitions with existing open trades is a common query among participants. Here’s how it works and what you need to know about managing your trades in relation to competition rules.

Understanding Entry Rules with Existing Open Trades

When you decide to participate in an XM Competition with existing open trades, it’s essential to understand how your current trading positions are treated:

  • Initial Calculation: Upon entering the competition, the initial performance calculation typically ignores existing open trades. This means your standing and performance are initially assessed based on the equity and trading activity from the moment you officially join the competition.
  • Subsequent Changes: Any changes in your trading account after entering the competition, including modifications to existing open trades or new positions, will be considered in the ongoing performance evaluation. This ensures that your trading activity throughout the competition period is accounted for accurately.

Strategic Considerations

Here are some strategic considerations regarding entering competitions with existing open trades:

  • Timing of Entry: Participants often strategize the timing of their entry into competitions to align with market conditions or their trading strategies. If you have existing trades that are part of your strategy, you can enter the competition and manage these positions accordingly.
  • Performance Impact: While existing trades at entry may not immediately affect your performance ranking, subsequent changes in these trades could impact your overall standing. Managing trades effectively during the competition period is crucial to optimizing your performance.

Compliance with Competition Rules

It’s important to adhere to XM’s competition rules regarding trade management and fairness:

  • Fair Play: Competitions are designed to evaluate participants based on their trading skills and performance within specified guidelines. Any trades made must comply with XM’s terms and conditions, ensuring fair competition among all participants.
  • Transparency: Participants should maintain transparency in their trading activities, especially concerning changes in existing open trades after entering the competition. This transparency helps maintain integrity and fairness throughout the competition process.

In summary, participants can enter XM Competitions with existing open trades, understanding that initial performance calculations focus on post-entry activities. Managing trades strategically and in compliance with competition rules is key to optimizing performance and achieving competitive outcomes in XM Competitions. This approach allows traders to leverage their existing positions while actively participating in the competitive environment provided by XM.

Where Can I See the Results of the XM Competition?

To access the results of XM Competitions and track your performance or that of other participants, XM provides a dedicated section where you can find comprehensive details and statistics. Here’s how you can view the results:

Accessing XM Competition Results

  1. Log into Your XM Account: Start by logging into your XM account using your credentials. Navigate to the platform where you access the XM Competition.
  2. Navigate to the Competition Section: Once logged in, locate the specific section or tab dedicated to Competitions. This section is typically found within the Copy Trading Platform or the trading dashboard.
  3. View Results: Within the Competitions section, there will be a specific area or tab labeled “Results” or similar. Click on this tab to access detailed statistics and outcomes of the ongoing or past competitions.

What You Can Expect to See

  • Performance Metrics: Detailed statistics on participants’ trading performance, including equity changes, profit percentages, and ranking positions.
  • Ranking: Clear indication of where each participant stands in terms of their performance relative to others in the competition.
  • Prize Distribution: Information regarding prize distribution, including how prizes are allocated based on performance rankings.

Using Results for Analysis and Strategy

  • Performance Comparison: Compare your own performance against other competitors to gauge your trading strategies’ effectiveness.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain insights into successful trading strategies by reviewing the tactics employed by top performers.
  • Planning Future Participation: Use past competition results to plan your approach for future competitions, adjusting strategies based on what has proven effective.

By accessing the Results section in the XM Competitions platform, you can stay informed about your performance and the outcomes of competitions. This transparency not only enhances your trading experience but also allows you to learn from others and improve your trading strategies effectively.


In summary, participating in XM competitions offers traders a dynamic platform to showcase their skills and compete for attractive prizes. Key points to remember include:

  • Eligibility: Ensure your KYC verification is up-to-date and meet specific account requirements (Demo or Real) as per the competition type.
  • Benefits: Compete for substantial cash prizes while refining your trading strategies in a competitive environment.
  • Participation Steps: Join competitions by selecting the appropriate account type, understanding the competition rules, and leveraging your trading expertise to improve your ranking.

Ready to take your trading skills to the next level? Sign up for an XM account today and start competing in their diverse range of trading competitions.

Whether you prefer demo challenges to practice risk-free or real-money contests for substantial rewards, XM provides the platform and support to help you succeed in competitive trading.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to test your trading prowess, learn from seasoned competitors, and potentially earn significant rewards.

Join XM competitions now and experience the thrill of competitive trading firsthand!

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